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Brand Season Personality

The autumn brand season personality is authentic, passionate, rustic, warm, earthy, organic and artisian. Quality is an extremely important trait for an autumnal business! They have an intense passion in providing a service or product that meets the expectations of their customers.

Autumn brand season personalities value sustainability, enthusiasm, community, heritage, history, quality and justice. Colours are warm, intense, deep, whimsical and energetic to match the prolific fruit thatโ€™s ready to harvest at this time of year. Your brand photography style is warm and welcoming with moody browns, earthy greens & rustic tones supported by lots of natural textures and colours.

Autumn Brands

The types of brands that fit well with the personality of Autumn are:

– handmade & artisan products
– natural, organic & eco-friendly businesses
– luxury fashion brands
– outdoor businesses
– charities

Donโ€™t be put off if your business is none of these things. Itโ€™s all about the brand style and the emotional connection you want your dream clients to feel.

Check out some of the Autumn Brands I have worked with below for inspo…