Dream Projects

See the brands I worked one-on-one with to bring their Website Design & Branding Dreams to life.



Ready to build your dream brand with confidence?

Building a brand identity is not just about the pretty logo design, it is about knowing your ‘WHY’ your core message, and reason for doing what you do – understanding your niche and planning your brand and its product/services, accordingly.

Brand Identity Packages

In order to build a strong brand you need a clear message and a strategically aligned & unique identity that’s consistent with your values & culture.

Let’s work together to turn your business into a stylish & consistent, cohesive & captivating brand that attracts your dream audience.

Grainne was such a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process.

As a newbie to branding, she explained everything so well and helped me every step of the way. The constant support and daily chats have made this experience so worthwhile and she always went above and beyond to make it so much fun! I am obsessed with our new branding and it’s so amazing to see how excited she is about it too. Such a professional, hardworking person with nothing but the best intentions and work ethic for her clients.

Brand Collaterals

When you’ve got the brand basic’s covered, you begin to realise that you need to level up and grow your bank of materials; so that you’re equipped to get out there, and shout from the roof-tops about your amazing brand and it’s offering. 

Let’s get you ready to rock with beautifully designed branding materials to ensure people know how and where to purchase from you! Materials to elevate your brand, presenting the best version of your brand to the world.

Please note that the following branding services can only be purchased by clients who have worked with me to establish their brand identity through a Colour Scheming Package or Brand Foundation Package.

Transform your products, creative services, stories and ideas into beautiful, cohesive & captivating designs.